Products we trust for your hedgehog set up


Flaxseed Oil

Ideal for helping your hedgehog with quilling and dry skin. Simply pop the capsule and pour over food.

We recommend the following:

Lindens Flaxseed Oil -

Natures Aid Flaxseed Oil -


We recommend 4ft vivariums for your hedgehog set up, however we understand that old standards stated that 3ft was suitable. With pet hedgehogs, if you have the space the bigger the better! 3ft is the absolute bare minimum. These are very active pets.

Heat Options

Pet Nap Heat Pad -

White Python Ceramic Bulb (100W) -

Lamp Holder with Bracket -

Habistat 600W Pulse Thermostat -

Bulb Guard -

Thermometer -


We recommend a mix of 3-5 different good quality cat foods. Below are just some of the ones we recommend in a mix. 

Harringtons -

Royal Canin Fit -

Royal Canin Indoor -

Arden Grange Light -

James Wellbeloved Turkey Light -

Purina one Adult Cat -

Lily's Kitchen Chicken -


We recommend a variety of products to help your hedgehog get the best care possible. 

Mites - Xeno 50 -

Mites - Beaphar small animal -

For Multi hog household - Mites - 0.1% -

Wound treatment -  Leucillin -

Wound treatment - Hibiscrub -

Bath time - Aveeno Baby -

Stop Bleeding from nail cut -

Helps with dry skin - coconut oil (on food or in bath) -

Wounds, sore skin ect - F10 spray -

Helps poorly hogs recover - Carnivore Care -

Helps prevent vitamin B1 deficiency -  BSP vitamin drops -

Helps with vitamins and calcium - Nutrobal -


Carefresh -

Kaytee Clean & Cozy -

Finacard -

Liners and Pouches - Squazlehogs -

Wooden Houses - Huffy Pops Housing -

D E Powder to mix in with finacard to prevent mites -


Squazlehogs -

Tictac -