Sadly Pygmy Hedgehogs are prone to a few health conditions, this doesn't mean your hedgehog will certainly get one of these conditions however it's key to know what to look out for so you can act quickly should your hedgehog get sick. 

Sadly hibernation can be fatal for Pygmy hedgehogs and although you can try your best sometimes things happen and your hedgehog could end up too cold and go into hibernation. 
Signs your hedgehog could be going into hibernation are:
  • Wobbly on their feet.
  • Cool / Cold belly.
  • Balled up tight or unable to ball up.
  • Slowed responses or completely unresponsive. 
If your hedgehog does go into hibernation the first thing you should do is start to warm them up, you can do this by using a heat pad, or if you have nothing else you can use your own body heat (holding your hedgehog against your skin). Slowly warm your hedgehog up (DON'T PLACE IN WATER) if your hedgehog doesn't start to come around after a short time then please try to seek vet treatment. However most hedgehogs can come out of hibernation safely if found quickly. 

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome
Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) is a horrible neurological illness with symtoms similar to MS in humans. Unfortunately there's no treatment or cure for WHS at this moment in time, however it's encouraged that hedgehogs with WHS or hedgehogs from lines with a history of WHS never be bred from. 
Symtoms of WHS include:
  • Wobbliness 
  • Loss of use of limbs (often starting with the hind legs)
  • Weight loss / loss of appetite 
Sadly as there's no cure it's hard to suggest what to do, seek a vet who will be able to guide you with high fat foods. You may need to adapt your set up so your hedgehog can move around more freely and he/she may need help to eat and drink. 

Unfortunately cancer is common in hedgehogs and if you see any lumps or change in your hedgehogs health please seek vet treatment quickly. Some cancers can be caught and removed if caught quickly.  As it's common in Hedgehogs if your hedgehog is acting off at all please visit the vet for a check up.

owned by Anthony Wood.