About the African Pygmy Hedgehog. 

Average Lifespan : 3-5 years (UK)
Sleep Cycle: Nocturnal 
Quills : 5000 - 7000 

Common Questions:
Do Pygmy Hedgehogs live outside?
No, African Pygmy Hedgehogs have to be kept warm. If a Pygmy Hedgehog hibernates then it could prove fatal. This is believed to be because Pygmy Hedgehogs are much smaller than Wild hedgehogs and can't hold enough body weight to sustain themselves during hibernation. 

Do Pygmy Hedgehogs carry fleas and ticks?
No, the only way a Pygmy Hedgehog can catch fleas or ticks is if they are exposed to places or animals that already have them. 

Can I keep a Hedgehog out of the garden as my pet?
I'm afraid not, this is illegal. Wild animals shouldn't be removed from the wild and it is against the law in the UK.