The African Pygmy Hedgehog Club was set up in April 2012, it was set up to provide a place for owners and breeders to find support and information. The African Pygmy Hedgehog club has grown so much since 2012 and now boasts a wonderful group of committee members and approved breeders who support and encourage ethical ownership and breeding. 

The African Pygmy Hedgehog Club also runs the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club Registry. This registry provides a professional, non-judgemental support service to help keep track of Hedgehogs in the UK. 

In 2017 the club decided to start the African Pygmy Hedgehog Club Rehoming Service, which works to take in hedgehogs needing homes and match them to their perfect forever home.

The African Pygmy Hedgehog Club has many goals, our main goals are:
  • To provide a fair and non-judgemental support network.
  • To provide advice and a place for friendship (our facebook group)
  • To provide ethical breeders for new owners to buy from. 
  • To provide guidance and educate in the ethical way to own hedgehogs.

We hold yearly shows which anyone can attend, these shows give you a chance to meet other hedgehog owners, breeders and the club committee as well as buy plenty of goodies for your hedgehog. 

We've also attended events in the past including the National Pet Show, our stall was a lot more popular than we expected which I think shows the interest in owning these cute hedgehogs.